LIQUAMYL-T is a thermostable liquefying a-amylase working at high temperatures (90-100°C). The thermostable liquefying a-amylase is ideal to liquefy the small granules of starch (from rice, maïs, barley, wheat, …) during the boiling of « maisches » as well as during the boiling of the whole mash giving higher wort filtration yields, higher extract yields and brighter worts The starch liquefied by LIQUAMYL-T is ideally prepared to produce high levels of maltose when saccharified with malt, Maltosylase or Sorgamyl for sorghum starch.


  • Optimum 90-100°C.


  • Optimum pH between 4,5 and 6,5.


  • To liquefy quickly gelatinised starch of any origin by working at high temperature.
  • To prepare starch for further saccharification with malt, Maltosylase or Sorgamyl allowing to reach higher levels of maltose.
  • To improve the wort filtration yield when unliquefied starch is involved in wort filtration problems.
  • To reach higher extract yields and brighter worts.


  • In the brewhouse : at the start of the mash or in the maishe kettle or in the boiling kettle.


  • LIQUAMYL-T is avalaible in liquid form in blue dark polyethylene drums of 25 liters. The drums are packed in thermical isolated wooden boxes containing 20 drums.


  • For application examples of LIQUAMYL-T see technical leaflets of Maltosylase, Sorgamyl, Guminase and Endoinase.


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