STABILFOAM is a food grade propylene glycol alginate, specially developed and produced as foam stabilizer for beer. It gives to beer a more stable, longer-lived, creamier foam.


  • STABILFOAM improves the compactness of the beer head and the volume of the head.
  • The creamier foam formed from beer stabilized with STABILFOAM is stable, long-lived and is very resistant to breakdown in the presence of food fats, soap or cosmetics.
  • Beer treated with STABILFOAM forms an attractive, white and long-lasting lace on the glass as the beer is consumed.
  • STABILFOAM helps to overcome fluctuations in wort composition due to seasonal variations in raw materials which adversely affect head retention.
  • STABILFOAM maintains beer quality without affecting brilliance, palatability or flavour of beer.


  • STABILFOAM is added to beer as dilute water solution during the final steps of the process. It is more often accomplished by the mean of a metering pump proportioning alginate solution into the beer line before final filtration or more seldom after this final filtration.


  • Dissolve STABILFOAM slowly at the rate of 20g to maximum 50g in a liter of hot (50°C) water (distilled or softened) with rapid agitation. The use of a high speed mixer (1500 rpm) is giving the best results. The solution should be agited for thirty minutes to one hour prior to use.


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